Aircrash - shine on you crazy diamond

Why we should not be afraid?  The essence of Christmas message is that we need not be afraid because of three main reasons. 1) We have a divine Savior to save us from our sins and grant us eternal life with Him. 2) We have an Immanuel God who lives with us and within us as our source of strength and guidance. 3) We have a love-sharing God who wanted to share His love with us by becoming one of us and sharing our fears, temptations, pains and suffering.

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Mr Hewitt was born in Winnipeg and flew as a pilot with Air Canada for more than 40 years. His brother said he remained an enthusiastic pilot upon retirement. The couple had four children.

Aircrash - Shine On You Crazy DiamondAircrash - Shine On You Crazy DiamondAircrash - Shine On You Crazy DiamondAircrash - Shine On You Crazy Diamond