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Little is known of Duns Scotus apart from his work. His date of birth is thought to have been between 23 December 1265 and 17 March 1266, born into a leading family of the region. The site of his birth, in front of the Pavilion Lodge, near the North Lodge of Duns Castle, is now marked by a cairn which was erected in 1966 by the Franciscan friars of the United Kingdom to mark the 700th anniversary of his birth. Duns Scotus received the religious habit of the Friars Minor at Dumfries , where his uncle, Elias Duns, was guardian . [7]

Yeah probably airsoft. No pictures of the barrel and the ejection port look really small unless chambered in 22lr. The mag looks very similar to a 9mm uzi mag. Would be cool to have a sbr broom handle with the wood buttstock that takes 9mm uzi mags.

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